Why IP data is R&D’s new competitive advantage

Hidden in patent data is a wealth of innovation intelligence that can help R&D teams understand their competitors and track their strategic moves. In this whitepaper, we’ll show you where to look…

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Almost 80% of new products fail. You can make sure yours isn’t one of them.

Failed projects, following long and laborious R&D cycles can be frustrating—especially if a competitor reaches the finish line first. But this can be easily avoided by using real-time insights from IP data. Patents contain technical information that is not available in other scientific literature. Analyzing IP data, you can eliminate hurdles throughout the R&D lifecycle by making better informed innovation decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Key takeaways

IP data empowers your decision making

IP is on hand to help you make better decisions at each stage of the R&D lifecycle dramatically giving you an ROI uplift.

IP data helps you unlock new opportunities

It can help you understand competitors' technologies, adjacent markets, and whitespaces.

IP data gives you access to unrivalled insight

Technical information not available elsewhere lives in IP data. This can help you reduce the number of failed projects.

A wealth of untapped competitor insight for today’s innovators

As more money is being poured into research and development every year, the pressure is on to produce a sustainable pipeline of viable innovations. Accessing untapped competitor insight from IP data is R&D’s secret weapon when it comes to innovating quickly and efficiently. Using the connected innovation intelligence methods presented in this whitepaper, R&D teams can keep track of both traditional and emerging competitors, map their strategic moves, and put into practice some ways to differentiate from them and stay ahead.

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