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From Apple, IBM, Qualcomm, ZTE, and Huawei, we take a look back at some of the biggest patent cases of 2019 and unpick them to identify the key lessons we can learn and take into 2020... 

In this webinar, the cases we unpick represent some of the hottest technological and scientific developments, plus how politics is playing a role in destabilizing a 40-year-old European court project. We explore cases that have changed the game across:

  1. The battle for 5G. 5G licensing battles are only just beginning, with interventions by the Federal Trade Commission likely to play a big part.  
  2. FRAND debates and SEPs. Determining key issues and setting the scene for future litigation over SEPs and FRAND licensing will be key in 2020.
  3. SPC headaches. Supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) are causing more headaches for patents owners, especially in the pharma and biotech industries. What happens next?

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30 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A

Who is it for?

IP, R&D and innovation teams, and organization leaders who want to understand the patent landscape and how they can use it to get the edge on competition.



This webinar will provide insight into the biggest patent cases by using connected innovation intelligence from the PatSnap platform. We’ll explore:

1. Aggressive strategies in IBM v Zillow 
2. Apple v Qualcomm: clash of the titans 
3. Athena Diagnostics v Mayo Collaborative Services: the bane of section 101 
4. The fierce FRAND debate and SEPs: Huawei and ZTE reach the UK’s Supreme Court 
5. UPC: Brexit spells trouble 
6. The value of connected innovation intelligence 
7. Live Q&A


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