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It’s well known that innovation is essential to growth and staying relevant in a hyper-competitive world. But it’s not an easy road – there are a variety of challenges that innovators face, including a need for the right innovation intelligence. 

In our webinar, we'll uncover what connected innovation intelligence really means and how you can leverage it throughout the innovation lifecycle to:

    • Reduce R&D inefficiencies 
    • Make better, more viable, in-demand products
    • Compete and anticipate competitor movements  
    • Align IP and R&D teams 
    • Become a leader in existing and new markets
    • Allocate resource more effectively
    • Minimize legal and commercial risk 

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30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

Who is it for?

IP, R&D, and innovation leaders who want to connect the dots and innovate better than ever



This webinar will provide insider insight into connected innovation intelligence and why companies are using it to grow, scale, and win in a disruptive world. 

1. Getting inside connected innovation intelligence
2. The role of innovation in society
3. Answering the challenges to innovation
4. How the big innovators do R&D with connected innovation intelligence
5. Making the right R&D decisions through innovation intelligence
6. Live Q&A  

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