Emerging technologies, commercialized space traffic, and cost-effective satellites are revolutionizing aerospace.

Join us for our webinar: Space Innovation: The Trends Revolutionizing Aerospace.

Together, we’ll explore:

   - The top trends influencing the space revolution
   - The innovators shaping the future
   - How to locate non-obvious potential partners

We’ll conclude with a 15-minute Q&A so come prepared with questions.


Hosted By


Sam Wiley

Connected Innovation Intelligence Evangelist at PatSnap

Sam is a Connected Innovation Intelligence Evangelist dedicated to equipping the world’s business professionals, researchers, and creative minds with the tools and best practices to make better innovation decisions. Sam’s two decades of experience spans the entire innovation and IP ecosystem. Beginning as a patent examiner with the USPTO, Sam has since consulted on front-page news IP litigation, helped the world’s top companies and law firms align its IP strategies with business objectives, and presented as a thought leader across North America, Europe, and Asia. In recent years, Sam’s true passion has been innovation and IP intelligence, specifically the application of AI and machine learning to connect information that drives innovation, policy, and business decisions. 


Alexander Reissner

Alexander Reissner

Founder and CEO of ENPULSION

Alexander Reissner is an aerospace engineer and Founder and CEO of ENPULSION, a leading company in propulsion for SmallSats with 87 thrusters in space. He has a MSc degree in Physics from the Technical University in Vienna and a PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Technical University - Dresden. Alexander started his career in the space industry with RUAG Space, later joining the Austrian Institute of Technology and becoming the team leader for Electric Propulsion Systems. In 2013, he became the head of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at FOTEC. He founded ENPULSION to realize the potential of the Field Emission Electric Propulsion (FEEP) technology in the SmallSat market. ENPULSION currently mass-produces electric propulsion systems in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Alexander has also authored many scientific publications.

Mike Curtis-Rouse

Mike Curtis-Rouse

Head of Manufacturing for Space at the Satellite Applications Catapult

Mike is the Head of Manufacturing for Space at the Satellite Applications Catapult. With a background in advanced manufacturing, metallurgy, and robotics, he is an expert and thought leader on disruptive technologies across multiple sectors.  Currently, his focus is the development of the UK’s space manufacturing eco-system, covering spaceports, launch vehicles and orbital manufacturing. Mike works extensively with nascent and established rocket companies, as well those organisations exploring manufacturing in LEO, and beyond. He is an advisor to several launch vehicle companies, an NED for Space Store, and CTO for two disruptive technology companies.

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