Tackling the “sleep problem” with hard and soft solutions

Based on patents, two distinct approaches to tackling the problem of sleep appear to have emerged, which we have categorized as "hard" and "soft" solutions. This report examines hard solutions such as pharmaceuticals as well as soft solutions, including consumer goods and wearable technologies.

Key takeaways

Where are the global innovation hotspots?

Find out which countries are driving the greatest growth in sleep aid innovations, as well as the emerging players in this space.

Pharma, herbals and wearables

See how the rates of innovation for these sleep solutions are trending. 

Who's leading the pack?

Innovations in sleep are being driven by Fortune 500s and startups alike. Discover which companies are leading the way and which disruptors are making a splash in this field. 

Transcending industries

Sleep has become a popular area of innovation for a variety of sectors. We've created this report to provide valuable insight to innovation, R&D and IP professionals from any industry that touches this topic, including healthcare, consumer electronics and telecommunications, to name a few.

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