How can fiber innovators adopt sustainable practices, keep up with the pace of innovation and succeed in an increasingly competitive field? We explore this question in detail in this episode of Legends of Innovation Intelligence featuring Brendan McSheehy Jr., the VP of Innovation and IP at Universal Fibers.  

When you join us for this interactive discussion, you’ll learn:  

    • The strategies Brendan has employed to drive successful innovation  
    • Best practices for applying innovation intelligence in a truly global industry 
    • How socially responsible initiatives such as sustainability can create value, and more!

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Hosted By:


Sam Wiley

Connected Innovation Intelligence Evangelist at PatSnap

Sam is a Connected Innovation Intelligence Evangelist at PatSnap dedicated to equipping the world’s business professionals, researchers, and creative minds with the tools and best practices to make better innovation decisions. With two decades of experience in innovation and IP ecosystem’s, Sam brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the table. As a former patent examiner with the USPTO, Sam has consulted on front-page news IP litigation, helped the world’s top companies and law firms align IP strategies with business objectives, and presented as a thought leader across North America, Europe, and Asia. In recent years, Sam’s true passion has been innovation and IP intelligence, specifically the application of AI and machine learning to connect information that drives innovation, policy, and business decisions. 


Innovation Intelligence Legend:

Brendan McSheehy Jr.

Brendan McSheehy Jr.

VP of Innovation and IP at Universal Fibers

Brendan McSheehy Jr. has 45 years of experience in the textiles industry including 30+ years with CaMac / Universal Fibers / UFS Holdings Inc. where he is currently the VP of Innovation and IP. In addition to Universal Fibers, Brendan also works as an adjunct professor at Virginia Tech in the Chemical Engineering department. Brendan holds his BS and Graduate degrees in Chemistry with an MBA from Brenau University. Brendan is a firm believer in paying it forward and enjoys spending his spare time as a volunteer for several organizations. He’s a Board Quality Service & Safety Committee member for Ballad Health and an outgoing Board Chair & President with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mountain Empire. Brendan is also Board Vice President of the United Way of SW Virginia. In terms of personal success, Brendan has been happily married to his wife Connie for the past 45 years. He is also a devoted parent and grandparent. 


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