The IP disruptors is a fireside series developed in partnership with IP 100, the UK’s first intellectual property (“IP”) league table, compiled by Metis Partners in association with Umi to discuss about thought-provoking topics around IP. 

February 18 | Episode 2: In this episode we will take a deep look into how companies can improve their ROI by focusing on their IP assets. We will answer questions on why many business valuations fail, what impacts IP assets have on growth rates or profitability and more to ensure you have a solid business strategy in place.



The IP100 is an annual ranking of innovative companies based on a rating of their IP asset strength and track record in exploiting IP. The process involves an assessment of IP-specific data linked to the following IP asset classes: brands, software, patents, trade secrets and critical databases. The IP100 research team uses its proprietary process to calculate an IP score and subsequent ranking for each company. The top scoring companies will be published in the IP100, an annual ranking of businesses which are considered to be the most effective at commercialising their IP assets.

The IP League Table offers a platform for IP-rich companies to gain recognition for the investment they have made in their IP. It enables companies to better articulate their investment in IP assets and the subsequent value that they have harnessed. It makes it easier for them to demonstrate that IP assets are critical to their business model and how they plan to leverage these assets in order to generate financial return.

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