5 mega-trends propelling successful innovation into the 2020s

Good innovation is based on the right access to information and data. R&D and IP processes need to be brought right up to date by utilising global innovation datasets to equip innovators with the tools that they urgently need to make better decisions, and at a faster pace.

Key takeaways

What are the trends?

Point your innovation strategy in the right direction. Predict the future by combining a precise methodology with PatSnap’s connected innovation intelligence.

How quickly are they taking place?

Don’t get left in the dust, take a look at the rate of accelerating innovation across various industries

Who is involved?

Successful companies will integrate this information into their innovation strategy. See who the big players are, and where they are investing their innovation dollars.

Be the disruptor - not the disrupted

As more money is being poured into research and development every year, the pressure is on to produce a sustainable pipeline of viable innovations. Connected innovation intelligence is a crucial part of the IP and R&D toolkit. Connecting datasets and connecting teams, it helps innovators answer the biggest questions along the innovation lifecycle with confidence and ease. And when embraced into a company’s innovation workflow, it can ultimately be the difference between being disrupted and being the disruptor.

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