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Our webinar will share the ways in which IP data can empower your innovation by touching upon the following: 

  • We present how IP data can drive value throughout the R&D and innovation lifecycle. This will empower your R&D team to have the right insights to work on solid and lucrative innovation that will demonstrate increased ROI. 
  • We investigate how you can use IP data to track, overtake, and understand competitors and their strategies effectively.  
  • We look at how you can use IP data to grasp the key innovation trends around the playing field to spot new opportunities to expand your innovation position into adjacent markets or license technologies for higher returns.  

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40 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A

Who is it for?

IP, R&D, and innovation leaders who want to understand how they can leverage their IP assets to empower R&D processes and improve innovation rates



This webinar will help to provide effective tips and insider information around the following areas to empower your processes, and gain a better foothold of your key industries:

1. Patent 101 and lean methodology
2. Accelerating your R&D using patent data  
3. Tracking competitors effectively using patent data 
4. Identifying the right opportunities using patent data
5. Live Q&A

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