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IP and R&D teams need more commercialized innovation to drive ahead of the competition and the market.

With a global increase in R&D spend, coupled with a decrease in innovation ROI, how can teams best leverage IP data to provide indispensable insights on the competition to inform strategy, and be first-to-market? 

This webinar expands your understanding of how other players are approaching your technology space and will fortify your strategy to help you get the edge on competition.  In our webinar, you'll learn how to: 

  • Get a hawk's eye view of a competitor's portfolio. 
  • Leverage tools that can help you understand the dynamics driving their strategy. 
  • Use IP data to formulate your own strategy and identify opportunities even your competition didn't know about.

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40 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A

Who is it for?

IP, R&D and innovation teams, and organization leaders who want to gain the competitive advantage in their market and know how to push innovation forward.



This webinar will  provide insider information around the following areas to illuminate your competitive marketplace and your company strategy to drive your business forward. 

1. Introduction: Tackling the lack of valuable insights
2. Gaining a hawk's eye view on a competitor's portfolio
3. Understanding the dynamics that drive their strategy 
4. How to stand out and stay ahead
5. Live Q&A  

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