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Comparing whole sequences is easy. Finding sequences that contain precisely defined regions, or ‘motifs’, is hard.

Whether you're looking for binding regions like complementarity determining regions (CDRs) in antibodies or T-Cells, or you are finding sequences that contain both defined and degenerate residues, you need something beyond a standard sequence search.

In this month's webinar, our in-house experts will show you how PatSnap’s Motif and CDR searching functionality gives you the freedom to define what your sequence is and what parts of that sequence truly matter to you.

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40 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A

Who is it for?

IP, R&D, and innovation teams who want to move beyond basic sequence searching and find out their true technology and competitive landscape



This webinar will provide insider information on the state of sequence searching today, how to drill through the noise, and uncover what parts of a sequence truly matter to you. 

1. The state of sequence searches
2. Identifying the challenges to resolve
3. Where Motif and CDR change the game plan 
4. Live Q&A  

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