If your company is anything like the majority, up to 96% of all innovation projects you launch don’t return even the cost of their own existence (according to the Doblin Group). 

This just isn’t good enough for the powers that be—shareholders and C-suite executives. So, we asked the experts who regularly confront the challenges holding back R&D productivity what they think. 

Featured experts include:

  • John LaMattina—Former President of R&D at Pfizer
  • Oscar Graff—VP of Aker Solutions
  • Scott Kirsner—Co-Founder of Innovation Leader
  • John Frieden—Director of R&D at Wilbur Ellis

This report empowers you by:

  •  Identifying the top shortcomings affecting R&D productivity
  • Providing actionable advice on how to solve each challenge identified
  • Aggregating the views of innovators across pharma, chemicals, tech, automotive and agtech (among others)

Find out what the top R&D productivity killers are and how you can overcome them.

Download the full report now.

R&D ROI productivity challenges