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  • Are you tired of wasting time and money on ideas that have already been invented? Join us for our webinar, An R&D Game Changer: AI’s Impact on Closing the Language Barrier between IP and R&D. During this webinar, PatSnap’s Head of Product Marketing, Hayden Munt, will show you how to revolutionize the way you research and develop new ideas with PatSnap Eureka's unique PatentDNA.

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    Leverage AI at every stage of your innovation process
    Overcome language barriers between IP and R&D teams
    Save time and resources on innovating
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Webinar Speaker

 Hayden Munt
Head of Product Marketing

With over 4 years of experience  at PatSnap, and a background in finance, Hayden is a seasoned professional who has helped clients from all industries overcome the pain points of IP and R&D teams. He believes that innovative software is key to driving success through active innovation strategies and is dedicated to helping companies achieve their goals.

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Webinar Speaker


Dario Glazebrook


Before joining PatSnap, I spent 10 years working as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police Department. During that time, I specialized in communications data intelligence. I found myself drawn to training others and decided it made sense to pivot careers. In 2020, I came to PatSnap as a Workflow Consultant. Throughout my tenure here, I’ve worked with a plethora of clients worldwide, helping them better understand our platform capabilities and how to customize it to meet their needs.  

In 2021, I became the lead trainer for internal training processes. This role involves helping new PatSnappers become familiar with the fundamentals of IP, and our software suite. Additionally, I continue to train clients and manage a dedicated team of Workflow Consultants.


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