PatSnap’s CIIT (Connected Innovation Intelligence Tours) is a wide webinar series focused on bringing together R&D and IP professionals in order to enhance collaboration between both teams, increase innovation and business productivity.​ In each CIIT series we'll join three different industry experts to get their takes on innovation's biggest topics.

Our third CIIT series covers the impacts of international and jurisdiction-specific IP law changes on innovation strategies.

Episode 1: Interview with Jim Hinton, Founder of Own Innovation. In our first episode, Jim talks about the importance of having a sound strategy in place to ensure your IP interests are protected and well managed in order for you to reach your innovation goals.

Episode 2: Interview with Anthony Trippe, Managing Director at Patinformatics, LLC. In this second episode, Tony talks about changes in the international patent landscape over the past 10 years and how hot topic areas like China, AI, Big Data are becoming more disruptive and shaping the IP landscape.

Episode 3: Interview with Marc Kaufman, Partner at Rimon Law. In this last episode, Marc talks about the Blockchain IP Counsel and the Community Patent Protocol he is implementing and how it will help to better manage patent risks and  improve the value of IP assets.

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