PatSnap’s CIIT (Connected Innovation Intelligence Tours) is a wide webinar series focused on bringing together R&D and IP professionals in order to enhance collaboration between both teams, increase innovation and business productivity.​ In each CIIT series we'll join three different industry experts to get their takes on innovation's biggest topics.

Our first CIIT series covers AI-Driven innovation:

Episode 1: Interview with Vik Pant, Chief Scientist at Natural Resources Canada. In our first AI-driven innovation session, Vik Pant talks about the role of AI in facilitating data-driven approaches to innovation.

Episode 2: Interview with Jeff Warrington, Senior Scientist at Atomwise. In our second AI-driven innovation session, Jeff Warrington talks about the role of AI in leveraging technological advances and scientific discoveries.

Episode 3: Interview with Stephen MacKinnon, VP of R&D at Cyclica. In our last AI-driven innovation session, Stephen talks about the role of AI in reshaping the drug discovery process.


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