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You are invited to come aboard the CIIT

PatSnap’s CIIT (Connected Innovation Intelligence Tours) is a wide webinar series focused on bringing together R&D and IP professionals to discuss about global topics in order to enhance collaboration between both teams, increase innovation and business productivity.

In this session of CIIT, we’ll speak with three industry experts to gain a better understanding about the key areas within the industry where AI is having the biggest impact, major barriers to adoption and practical ways for industry players to deploy AI at scale.

Your host


Vik Pant

Chief Scientist and Chief Science Advisor at Natural Resources Canada

Vik is a researcher and practitioner of conceptual modeling, and applied artificial intelligence. His scholarship and application are focused on the nexus of Science, Management, and Technology. For over a decade, he has studied and worked with various innovatory technologies including big data analytics and customer experience management.



Bilal Farooq

Bilal Farooq

Canada Research Chair in Disruptive Transportation Technologies and Services

Dr. Bilal Farooq is the Canada Research Chair in Disruptive Transportation Technologies and Services. He is currently an Associate Professor in Transportation Engineering at Ryerson University. Bilal received his Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering from the University of Toronto, Master of Computer Science from Lahore University of Management Sciences, and Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan. He did his Post-Doctoral research at EPFL in Switzerland. He has received Early Career Researcher Awards in the provinces of Québec (2014) and Ontario (2018). Bilal is interested in understanding the network and behavioural effects of smart mobility and in developing the associated algorithms, models, and solutions.



The Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) supports small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working in driverless cars, vehicle cybersecurity and real-time fleet routing, among many other innovations. During this series, Jesika Briones, Senior Manager Connected and Autonomous Vehicles at MaRS will join us to talk more about this program and its six Regional Technology Development Sites (RTDS), highlighting the Toronto RTDS, wich has a particular focus on AI and machine learning.

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