You are invited to come aboard the CIIT

PatSnap’s CIIT (Connected Innovation Intelligence Tours) is a wide webinar series focused on bringing together R&D and IP professionals to discuss about global topics in order to enhance collaboration between both teams, increase innovation and business productivity.

In this session of CIIT, we look at how various organizations have bridged the gap between IP and R&D through connected innovation intelligence. We’ll speak with three industry experts to discuss how their organizations have leveraged connected innovation intelligence to enhance workflow between these two teams and examine what role IP and R&D analytics have in aligning these department’s innovation goals in order to achieve larger corporate objectives.  

Your host


Gloria Mennen

Solutions Consultant at PatSnap

Join Gloria Mennen while she explores how connected innovation intelligence tools can bridge the gap between IP and R&D and  how the two teams can gain from one another.



Guest Speaker

Jeff Lindsay

Jeff Lindsay

Senior Advisor at ipCapital Group

Jeff enjoys creating and formulating new product concepts and creating the IP to support existing and new brands.
For the past 8 years Jeff was in China with APP, leading a team of IP professionals to protect brands, products, formulations, processes, trademarks, designs, and trade secrets. APP has some of the world's most advanced and most sustainable papermaking technology and sustainable plantation technology. In addition to pursuing IP, he valued the opportunity to strengthen innovation and influence new projects to add further value using IP and innovation systems as levers. He worked to make R&D more fruitful and to make IP more valuable.

During this discussion, Jeff will talk about his experience working with IP and R&D teams and how the collaboration can help to reduce costs, accelerate innovation and cope with disruption.



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