We’re delighted to welcome Donal O’Connell, Managing Director of Chawton Innovation Services, as a guest lecturer on Academy by PatSnap. In this course, we’ll explore examples of IP risk - how to identify them and what to do about them. We look at how to find the right management processes to ensure that the all-important area of intellectual property is not an overlooked or misunderstood aspect of the business.

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About the lecturer

Donal O’Connell is Adjunct Professor of IP at Imperial College Business School in London and a member of global IP strategist group IAM300. As a former VP of R&D and Director of IP at Nokia, Donal’s expertise in this field makes this a course not to be missed.

In addition, Donal has also been working on the Alder IP Risk Management tool and is author of ‘Inside the Patent Factory’; ‘Harvesting External Innovation’; and over 150 papers on innovation and IP.

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