Each day, around 8,000 patents or more are filed in China. It's no secret that the nation's intellectual property has experienced rocket-fuel level growth in recent years. Perhaps then, it's time for your organization to look East for your next innovation opportunity. To find out how, Duncan Clark took a trip to China, to speak with our expert consultants there, and to bring you this special Academy course on what you need to know about IP protection in this jurisdiction.

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About the experts

Dandan Liu ThumbnailDandan Liu has over ten years of IP consulting experience and, having worked as a patent attorney, now heads up our Chinese IP Academy. Previously, Dandan also worked for over four years at SIPO (the CNIPA) as a search analyst, providing search and consulting advice.


Xiaoyuan Wang ThumbnailXiaoyuan Wang has been engaged in IP for more than 6 years. After 5 years as a Patent Examiner at SIPO, she has been a Patent Analyst & Consultant in PatSnap until now. She served many famous universities and companies, including Sun Yat-sen University, China Mobile, Midea and Pingan.

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