Who's this course for?

This is an introductory guide to all matters relating to trade secrets. Whether you are developing a new solution for a start-up, working in a company that keeps some of its R&D discoveries as trade secrets, or working as part of the IP team, this course will explain why trade secrets can no longer be the neglected step-child of intellectual property.

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Why take this course?

The law has changed in the US, with the Defend Trade Secrets Act, in Europe with the EU Directive on Trade Secrets and in China with the Anti-Unfair Competition Law.

Meanwhile, trade secret misappropriation cases are witnessing a meteoric rise in court. 

Trade secrets are a hugely valuable asset, and, as such, they need proper management. They need to be understood by the wider organization, so that appropriate responsibility can be taken at all levels.

Manage trade secrets properly

This course draws on the expert knowledge of Donal O'Connell from Chawton Innovation Services.

It examines the nature of trade secrets, how they are interpreted in law, ways in which they can be managed and what happens in the event of trade secret theft.

About the lecturer

Donal-OConnellDonal O’Connell is Adjunct Professor of IP at Imperial College Business School in London and a member of global IP strategist group IAM300. As a former VP of R&D and Director of IP at Nokia, Donal’s expertise in this field makes this a course not to be missed.

In addition, Donal has also been working on the Alder IP Risk Management tool and is author of ‘Inside the Patent Factory’; ‘Harvesting External Innovation’; and over 150 papers on innovation and IP.

About Chawton Innovation Services

Chawton Innovation Services offers consultancy, education and software solutions in the areas of innovation and intellectual property management.

Projects have included IP auditing, IP strategy development, IP process development, IP benchmarking, IP Agent management, research into NPEs, IP outsourcing & offshoring, IP data management system analysis, compliance as part of an M&A deal, IP portfolio management, IP systems deployment, basic IP and IP management training, plus more.

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