Working with intellectual property means engaging with many processes that when done right can make the a huge impact on innovation culture. So we're thrilled to bring you what is by far one of our most requested topics: how to do a freedom to operate search. In this video, we're joined by IP expert, Juliana Melo. She will guide us through the core concepts of freedom to operate, it's definition, objectives and what insight and guidance it an FTO analysis can offer.

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About the lecturer

Hayleigh Bosher ThumbnailI am Juliana Melo, born in Colombia. I’m a lawyer qualified overseas with an LL.M in Intellectual Property and New Technologies from the Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain and I am currently pursuing a MSc in Intellectual Property Management at Queen Mary University of London.

I have 10 years of experience working in the fascinating field of Intellectual Property, during which I have had the chance to work in the music, audiovisual, manufacturing and software industries.

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