M&A deals are expensive, risky and (potentially) transformative—if you make consistently good decisions. 

Data—particularly intellectual property (IP) data—can be the competitive advantage that helps you achieve that quality and consistency in decision making.

In this guide, we use the PatSnap platform to run analyses covering 3 of 2017's biggest M&A deals: 

  1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) acquisition of Niara (announced 1 February 2017)
  2. Palo Alto Networks’ (PANW) acquisition of LightCyber (announced 28 February 2017)
  3. Cisco’s acquisition of MindMeld (announced 11 May 2017)

Learn how to use IP data to:

  • Neutralise the ability of competitors to replicate the competitive advantage provided by your acquisition
  • Outsmart and overtake bigger, richer and more technologically advanced competitors
  • Maximise the revenue-generation potential of your acquisition
  • Anticipate M&A activities by competitors and take steps to insulate your organisation from their effects
  • Maximise the value of the technological and IP assets owned by the acquired company

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IP data for M&A guide